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Tom and Jerry Broom Riders

Tom and Jerry Broom Riders; Do you miss Tom and Jerry cartoon? then this game is just for you!

During this adventure, Tom and Jerry’s antics led them to the witch’s cabin. The group was so immersed in the chase that they did not even notice what surrounded them. As you know, in the witch’s abode you can find quite unusual items that the witch uses for magical rituals. Tom and Jerry come to their senses only when they have made such a mess of it that all the witch’s things ended up on the street. We must not leave things like that, for the witch’s revenge can be very unpleasant. That’s why the cat and the mouse decide to rally together and collect and return to the hut all the items. In the game “Tom and Jerry: Broom Riders” you will have to drive a very unusual vehicle.

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Tom and Jerry Broom Riders How To Play
arrow keys for movement