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Head Soccer

Head Soccer Games are more than just regular soccer games because only two players are on the field. You don’t have to follow the players of the whole team and control each of them because football heads come into play! These are little men with tiny feet and big heads. They like to play football only with their heads because it is their most potent weapon. They need experienced players who lead them on the field, help them win the match, and become winners. You can choose any of the available games to your liking. Take part in the World Cup or Euro. Play unusual football heads from the world of animals. Everyone will indeed find a game to their liking! There is a possibility of playing with a friend or parents because all the games have a two-player mode.

Head Soccer How To Play
Choose your football team or player, and go! It's easy to control the sports heads, as they all perform basic side movements, jumping and kicking the ball. They don't need anything else to win. Please help them become real champions, play, and have fun scoring goals in the net. Good luck!
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