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Furious Road

Drive on post-apocalyptic roads. How many kilometers do you have to travel to get home? Use your machine gun and launch your rockets at anyone in your way. Improve your weapons and accelerate! Furious Road is an online game you can play in modern browsers for free. Furious Road is an addicting car shooting game that you can play free online. Drive your car and shoot your enemies. Avoid other obstacles and collect valuable sources. Get into your armored vehicle and patrol the dusty highways. Kill all enemies that try to attack you with your powerful machine gun or rocket launcher. You drive your car on a road full of fire and molten lava.

Furious Road How To Play
You must survive in this hell as long as possible and kill your enemies. Drive carefully, avoid enemy shots and collect power-ups to increase your car’s abilities. Earn money to upgrade your weaponry! Good luck, and enjoy it!