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Woozle Goozle Inventor Finder

Do you like Puzzle Games? then this Inventor game is for you. Start playing!

A fun guy named Woozle Goozle decided to invent something new. In Woozle Goozle: Invention Finder 3001 you will help him with his new invention. On the screen, you will see our hero, who will be in his workshop. On the right side, you will see shelves full of different items.

Welcome to Woozle Goozle Inventor Finder from CoolGames, the thrilling new puzzle game! As you work to solve a series of puzzles meant to test your originality and creativity, you’ll have to use all of your mental acuity. Woozle Goozle Inventor Finder can hold your attention for a long time because to its variety of challenging problems.

A variety of entertaining and captivating puzzle types, such as Puzzlink, Crazy Rope, and 10×10, are included in the game. To build a network that spans the entire board in Puzzlink, you must connect the various colored nodes. To get to the level’s end in Crazy Rope, you must maneuver a rope through a variety of barriers and traps. Also, in 10×10, you must arrange blocks of various sizes and shapes on a grid to fully finish a row or column.

Woozle Goozle Inventor Finder is extremely addictive for reasons other than just the puzzles themselves. A cast of peculiar and endearing characters, such as A Grim Granny and A Grim Love Story, are also abundant throughout the game.

You must use your knowledge and imagination to solve each challenge in order to advance through the stages. But if you run into trouble, don’t worry; the game also has a helpful hint system that will point you in the proper route.

Also, if you’re seeking for an additional level that will put your talents to the very limit, make sure to check out Grow Cube. Woozle Goozle Inventor Finder is the ideal game for puzzle fans of all ages because to its captivating gameplay, endearing characters, and variety of difficult riddles. So why are you still waiting? Start tackling those challenges right away by downloading the game!

    Woozle Goozle Inventor Finder How To Play
    Examine them carefully. Select two items and then use the mouse to drop these items on the left side of the playing field. As soon as you do this they will interact with each other and thus you will invent a new object. Then you can put it back on the shelf and start inventing a new product.