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Ubisoft All Star Blast

Ubisoft All Star Blast; The original UBISOFT-crossover Arcade Party game, join players into multiplayer maps filled with legendary Ubisoft games characters, where they can rival in diverse hilarious & energetic mini-games inspired by classic arcade games with up to 100 players. Also unlock characters, skills, and skins to improve a collection of powerful Ubisoft classic characters. Ubisoft All Star Blast is the Original game, unite players on multiplayer maps filled with legendary Ubisoft game characters.

Popular characters from several Ubisoft brands are combined in the action-packed video game Ubisoft All Star Blast. The game combines distinct gameplay components from Monster Duel, Ninja Hands, Monster Box, Merge Army, and Swords and Sandals 2 into one package.

Players in the game must engage waves of adversaries while using a variety of tools and skills. They can pick from a selection of characters from well-known Ubisoft series including Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and others. As players advance through the game, they can unlock different characters, each of whom has special talents and weapons.

The game offers a range of game types, including Monster Duel, where players engage in epic boss encounters against strong monsters. The Monster Box game entails gathering and fusing monsters to produce even more potent creatures, while the Ninja Hands mode tests players’ use of ninja techniques to maneuver through stages filled with adversaries and obstacles.

In order to improve their skills and weapons, players can gather and use a variety of power-ups and upgrades in the game. They consist of improvements to the player’s health, improved weapons, and unique skills that can favorably influence the outcome of battles.

    Ubisoft All Star Blast How To Play
    Keyboard: Arrows to move Spacebar to place bomb Mouse: Tap to play