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Spongebob Tasty Pastry Party

Spongebob Tasty Pastry Party, If you like cooking games, you should definitely play this game! Help Spongebob to make a birthday cake.

In this game, SpongeBob has to make birthday cakes for Patrick. SpongeBob has to make as many birthday cakes for him before time runs out. On each level, Patrick defines each layer of cake, and SpongeBob must find ingredients that fit Patrick’s wants. The player selects the materials by dragging them into SpongeBob’s mixing bowl. Each cake has three ingredients. The player must select all the correct materials before the timer runs out – which is indicated by the sun outside the window – thus ending the game.

    Spongebob Tasty Pastry Party How To Play
    - The only control is the left mouse button. - Click on the left mouse button to select an ingredient. - Click and drag the item to add it to the bowl.