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Slash Of Justice

Then help Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, Starfire, or Cyborg fight evil in Slash of Justice.

Do you like cartoon games? The first thing that you need to do is to choose one of the five titans for your fight. You need to take into consideration that each one of them has some special powers that will help you fight. For example, if you select Raven, you should know that she will move very quickly, but her fighting mode is not good. More than that, her life will end fast if she gets damaged. Beastboy is better than Raven when it comes to fighting and protecting his life, but he moves slower.

    Slash Of Justice How To Play
    You can select between the Titans and fight enemies by slashing. Use the arrow keys to move, and click the mouse to slash in the direction of where the cursor is on the screen. The Titans each have different abilities which may be handy in some fights. Slash a bunch of enemies in a row to get combos. Getting combos will increase your star power. When the star power is full, you can use a special move.