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Ranger vs Zombies

Ranger vs Zombies is an action game in which we try to achieve high scores by killing all the zombies we encounter.

There is a road in the game, and zombies appear on this road. We need to kill all these zombies. Otherwise, the zombies attack us, and we lose our lives. When we run out of energy entirely, we have to begin the chapter from the origin. We also earn some money from the zombies we kill this way. We can buy various weapons and power-ups from the market with our money. With these power-ups and weapons, we can score more, and our chances of achieving high scores increase. The weapons we use also have limited ammunition, and we have to use these bullets sparingly. If the gun runs out of shots, it attacks by zombies, and we start over. Ranger vs Zombies presents a fun war game set in a different world for us players.

    Ranger vs Zombies How To Play