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Pet Trainer Duel

In the exciting mobile and internet game Pet Trainer Duel, users are in charge of training and assisting obese pets in becoming healthier by moving them along tracks. The game has a lively online community, lots of cute critters, and interesting gaming mechanisms.

Players choose their first pet in Pet Trainer Duel from a selection of adorable creatures, each with their own special skills and characteristics. Yet, the owners of these creatures have overfed them, causing them to become overweight. It is the player’s responsibility to train them by guiding them down pathways while assisting with their weight loss and physical fitness.

The game is ideal for players of all skill levels because it is simple to learn but difficult to master. Players swipe left or right on their device to direct the pet around the track while gathering nutritious food and dodging any speed-reducing hazards.

Players will come across a variety of tracks as they advance through the game, and each one has its own set of difficulties and obstacles. In some tracks, players must leap over gaps and other obstructions, while on others, they must find their way through mazes or stay on the track’s edge.

The two-player game option in Pet Trainer Duel is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Real-time contests between players allow them to pit their training prowess against one another in an effort to raise the best pet. It’s a great method to test your talent and compete against friends.

In addition to the campaign mode and two-player game mode, Pet Trainer Duel includes a number of bonus levels and difficulties, such as timed trials and obstacle courses. By passing these tests, players can earn cash and other rewards that they can use to unlock additional songs and decorative objects.

Pet Trainer Duel How To Play