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Lux Ahoy

Lux Ahoy is an action pirate dueling game with cute graphics and physics-based gameplay. Choose to play Luxamillion or Trunkford.

Lux Ahoy is a thrilling and action-packed pirate dueling game that will test your skills and strategy. In the game, you can play as either Luxamillion. Or Trunkford, two cute and rival pirates constantly battling to claim treasures. As you play through the game’s three locations – Isle of Coconuts, Spout Belly Bay, and Fire and Goat – you must use your cannon to defeat your opponent and claim the treasure for yourself.

To succeed in Lux Ahoy, you must aim carefully. And take advantage of the destructible paper-like environment, which can be used to your advantage in battle. You can knock over structures and cause chain reactions to damage your opponent. Or use the environment to shield yourself from enemy fire. With its physics-based gameplay and beautiful cartoonish graphics, Lux Ahoy offers a wacky and fun pirate experience that keeps you returning for more.

Lux Ahoy has something to offer whether you are a seasoned pirate duelist or new to the world of treasure hunting. So pick a side and set sail – the treasure awaits!

    Lux Ahoy How To Play
    Choose to play as either Luxamillion or Trunkford by clicking on the corresponding button. The game will start in the Isle of Coconuts location. You and your opponent will be positioned on opposite sides of the screen, with a treasure chest in the middle. Use your mouse to aim your cannon and click to fire. You must aim carefully and use the destructible paper-like environment to your advantage in order to defeat your opponent and claim the treasure. When one player's cannon is destroyed or the treasure is claimed, the round will end and you will be taken to the next location. The game consists of three locations in total: Isle of Coconuts, Spout Belly Bay, and Fire and Goat. The game ends when one player has claimed the treasure in all three locations.