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Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a fun puzzle game featuring an empty glass that needs filling. Figure out how to get the water into the glass by drawing lines and making the glass happy again. The less you draw the higher your score.

The glass is empty and feels miserable because of it! This container is only happy when it is filled to the brim! You shouldn’t let this fragile character sit in such sadness in Happy Glass. It has a purpose and wants to be fulfilled while achieving this purpose. Can you help the glass catch all the falling water? It can’t reach the faucet, so take your pencil and draw lines to control the flow of water. Redirect the steam to fill the small glass. Look how happy she looks!

Happy Glass How To Play
Happy Glass is a fun puzzle game with 100 levels and cute graphics. Your goal as the player is to grab a pencil and draw a line to fill the glass and change the flow of water. Each level has a faucet, some platforms, and a glass perched some distance from the faucet. Use the left mouse button to draw a line. Draw a shelf from the faucet to the glass, but note the platforms that run between them. There are a few things to keep in mind when drawing lines. First of all, you cannot draw multiple lines. You can only draw one continuous line. When you release the left mouse button, the faucet will open and water will start flowing. Remember that when you stop drawing, the line will be moved by both gravity and the flow of the water. Use the platforms around the level to keep the line in place. Another thing you should pay attention to is the way the platforms are placed. They often function as both a barrier and a tool to support your drawings. Study and use your environment to solve the puzzle and fill the glass up to the marked line. When you fill the glass, you have completed the level and you can move on to the next one.