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Going Balls

A ball must be guided through a succession of ever more challenging levels in the fast-paced and addicting smartphone game Going Balls. Players of all skill levels will enjoy the game because it is simple to learn but challenging to master.

The game’s goal is straightforward: players must steer their ball over various barriers, such as spikes, saws, and moving platforms, all while preventing themselves from tumbling over the edge of the level. The ball is controlled by players just swiping left or right on their screen, which moves the ball in the desired direction.

One of the primary elements of Going Balls is its physics-based gameplay, which adds an extra depth of challenge and realism to the experience. Because the game’s realistic physics engine simulates the movement and momentum of a real ball, players must carefully timing their moves and modify their trajectory.

Players will come across a number of challenges and obstacles as they advance through the game, each with its own special set of features and behaviors. Some levels may demand players to jump over gaps and barriers, while others will ask them to use the ball’s momentum to swing or roll through a succession of obstacles.

Going Balls includes numerous additional levels and challenges, such as timed trials and obstacle courses, in addition to the game’s main campaign mode. To unlock new balls and cosmetic items, players can use the coins and other incentives they earn by passing these challenges.

Going Balls is an enjoyable and demanding game that can keep players of all ages entertained for hours. Going Balls is certain to please both casual and hardcore gamers looking for fresh challenges.

Going Balls How To Play