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Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter is now a readily-available game free of charge to play on our website, something that we are positive many of you will be very excited about this is a classic game of the flash games era. Those who missed playing it will enjoy it just as much as those who will now discover it for the first time!
Aim and shoot to be the best Duck Hunter on the internet!
Your focus and timing with the scope will be the key to victory, so put your interest towards that and ensure you get a big score, which we hope you share in the comments with us. Of course, we also hope you will share this game with friends so that many people will play and enjoy it!

    Duck Hunter How To Play
    You will use the mouse to aim and shoot your shotgun at the ducks that fly around the screen, but be careful not to miss three times because if that happens, you will remain out of bullets and lose. Instead, shoot the required number of ducks for each level to pass it and advance to the next one, where you have more ducks to shoot.
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