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Drift Challenge

In the dynamic racing game Drift Challenge, users must maneuver and drift on tracks with drifts and numerous obstacles.
The gameplay allows you to drive a car in any convenient format and gain access to new vehicles and spare parts, thanks to the points received. A distinctive feature of the Drift Challenge is the realistic behavior of vehicles: the developers have endowed game cars with a maximum of similarities with real cars. During the game, many note the smooth animation and original graphics, which give the game originality and entourage. Play to score as many points as possible to collect rewards and achievements, and unlock all the available tuned cars one by one to level up and have a great time driving without rules.

Drift Challenge How To Play
Try to slide on the track as much as possible to accumulate many points and reach the target score. You must cross the finish line before the target time, beating the target score to unlock new levels. Super fun and challenging racing game! Have great fun!