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Cowboy Zombie

Cowboy Zombie is a mission where you don’t have to kill a zombie but still have a zombie involved. This game has no violence, but it is based on testing your math knowledge well. For this reason, you must do the correct math as soon as possible to pass the section. You will be able to switch the difficulty level. There will be four difficulty levels: easy, challenging, expert, and unlock the Genius mode! The mission is to answer a few math operations as soon as possible. This game will show you the math operation, and the options for your answer will be below it. Choose only the right one before you run out of time; Cowboy Zombie, you can level up.

    Cowboy Zombie How To Play
    The faster you answer, the lower will go the cowboy zombie. The Cowboy Zombie will be there, riding a pig or a bull. It depends on the difficulty level, so if you do not answer right and in time, he will fall. The goal is to keep him up as long as you can, so let's go!
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