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Carrot Crisis

Carrot Crisis; Rabbits like to eat carrots and Bugs Bunny – is not an exception. He adores the sweet vegetable, but he does not like planting and caring for him. Therefore, the cunning rabbit periodically raids Yosemite Sam’s garden.

The thrilling game Carrot Crisis, based on the adored Bugs Bunny cartoon character, is here for you. In this fascinating adventure, Bugs has to escape the grasp of the villainous Dr. Carrot in order to safeguard the world’s supply of carrots.
On Noob: Island Escape, where Bugs is abandoned and has only a few carrots to eat, the game first starts. He discovers Dr. Carrot’s diabolical scheme to take every carrot in the globe and utilize them for his own sinister ends as he explores the island.
In order to infiltrate the Airship where Dr. Carrot is hiding, Bugs must utilize all of his cunning and abilities. He is determined to stop the evil. In this level, you’ll have to help Bugs sail the ship, avoiding traps and outsmarting Dr. Carrot’s minions.

In the film Fleeing the Complex, Dr. Carrot captures Bugs and places him in a maximum-security prison. You’ll need to make wise decisions and use your stealth abilities to avoid being caught in order to aid him in escaping.
Finally, in Isometric Escape, Bugs must work his way through a maze of challenges and puzzles to find Dr. Carrot, who is hidden in a secret carrot vault. Can he succeed in stopping the villain and preserving the world’s supply of carrots?
Carrot Crisis is a game that admirers of the well-known cartoon character won’t want to miss since it features vibrant graphics, difficult puzzles, and lots of Bugs Bunny’s signature wit and comedy. So gather a carrot (or two) and get ready for a journey!

Carrot Crisis How To Play
Bugs Bunny is on a carrot hunt in this online game. Join the bunny in the garden of Yosemite Sam and try to get as many carrots as you can. Be careful not to be caught and fulfill the goal each day. Use the mouse to play.