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Candy Car Escape

Candy Car Escape is such a great and so unique car driving game, which offers you the occasion to use the arrow keys to make sure that you will drive it rightly through all those roads and complicated streets to get to the end of the track, with no issues or this kind of trouble. The goal is to collect the amount of money and bonuses required from you at the beginning of each level, so only this way will you be able to reach the highest score, pass to the other level and also escape, judging by the name of the game. Also, you need to do many other things during the driving adventure, like dodging the cars that keep bothering you all the time, trying to crash onto your car, and making you waste time and lose points. Play Candy Car Escape right now.

    Candy Car Escape How To Play
    Go for it now and pay attention to the details, ensuring you have no issues. Each coin is valued at 20 money bills, so you must collect 200 in the first level. On the top are the timer and the amount of money collected every moment, so judging by it, you have to get framed into the limits to pass!
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