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Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer; Click and drag to aim your shot at the target. Some levels have multiple balls, so you have to hit them all on target. You can only hit the blue balls once, and the purple balls must fall into the goal by a different ball. Watch out for the jumping crabs and try to get all three stars!

Aim carefully. Like in most aiming games, You’ll show the angle and path your ball will go when you click on it. Use your mouse to pull the ball forward for a wider shot. The wider the hit, the further apart the dots will be. If you don’t want that much power behind your impact, don’t extend the guide that far – keep the dots closer together for a slower roll. You must enjoy the Beach Soccer game. Have fun!

    Beach Soccer How To Play
    Colorful slots on the beach. Excellent music, and beautiful graphics, guarantee many hours of gameplay. Aim your ball and shoot.