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Among Us

A group of other players join you on a spaceship in the thrilling multiplayer game Among Us. One or more of them, though, are imposters with a plan to sabotage the ship and murder the crew. Before it’s too late, you and your fellow crew members must recognize and vote out the imposters.

Like in Armed With Wings 3, you’ll have a variety of tools at your disposal during gameplay to help you move around the ship and spot potential suspects. As you move through the ship and complete tasks while avoiding the imposters, you’ll need to be quick and agile, just like in Clash of Orcs.

If you’re not cautious, you can wind yourself in a fatal encounter similar to the one on Dynasty Street where you’ll have to utilize all of your combat abilities to protect yourself from the imposters. You’ll be able to defend yourself and live, though, thanks to your Chibi Knight abilities.

To survive, you’ll also need to watch out for hazards and enemy fire, similar like in Tank Battle: War Commander. Also, in Trap Craft, you must employ your cunning to create traps and catch the imposters before they catch you.

Among Us puts you on the edge of your seat with its exhilarating gameplay and strategic elements. Only the sharpest and most cunning players succeed in this game of survival. Find out if you have what it takes to outwit the imposters and survive by playing Among Us with millions of other gamers.

Among Us How To Play
Control the movement with WASD or arrow keys. Perform actions by clicking the buttons at the bottom right corner of the screen