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Stephen Game

Stephen Game, Agent Stephen Karsch is on a secret mission, ready to catch the most dangerous criminals. Dodge the obstacles with teleport.

Meet Stephen Karsh. This brave and secretive agent is always ready to go on the most mystical and difficult journey. Only this fearless guy can always manage any trouble and always stand on the guard of honor and justice. In the new game “Stephen Karsch: Shadow Mission”, you will be playing this agent. This time he has got a unique mission, and you are going to finish it together with Steven. The peculiarity of Steven Karsh is that he has the magic of an amazing energy ball. To get to the high platform you need to throw the orb of energy and Steven can go there without any troubles.

    Stephen Game How To Play
    Aim the orb and throw. after that click it and teleport. İf you want to call back, click the hero. Use the mouse left click.