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Spiderman Masked Missions

Doing what a spiderman can, Spiderman: Masked Missions is a game made from the Movie Into the Spiderverse.
Play a collection of mini-games that take place in Spiderman World. Choose between the two heroes, Miles Morales, the son of a Puerto Rican woman and an African American Police officer. Miles tries to adjust to the superhero role and keep the secret from his father. Bitten by a radioactive spider, he gains powers like SpiderMan. Reluctantly after Spiderman is killed by Kingpin, Miles must take the web-slinger’s mantle to save the City. Choose Spider-Gwen, Spiderwoman, in another dimension. More experienced and more in tune with her powers, Gwen Stacy, is also a welcome addition to the Spiderverse. The game gives you time-based obstacles based on the Movie as if Spiderman is there to help you jump, roll, and slide along train tracks and buildings and collect objectives. Stars and watches are the keys for you to complete and get a high score on this game, avoid the bombs as this will make you lose lives in the process.

Spiderman Masked Missions How To Play
Time your jumps correctly to get the highest accumulated points. Collect Spider symbols for bonuses that enrich your gameplay experience. SpiderMan: Masked Missions, Be ready to kick some bad guy behind. Can they fly? No, they can't because they are your friendly neighborhood spiderman!